Cuprous Chloride Specifications
Chemical Formula : CuCl
Molecular Weight 99.04
CAS No 7758-89-6
Cuprous Chloride is insoluble in water, alcohol and acetone, also soluble in HCL and NH4OH and quickly oxidized in air.
Cuprous Chloride manufactured by a novel process developed by our R & D department which is really high in quality.
Physico-Chemical Properties
Physical Appearance Powder : White To Grey Powder
Granular: Grey to black small granular
Melting Point 426 .C
Boiling Point 1490 .C
Standard Specification :
CuCl 98.00% min
Cupric Copper as CuCl2 0.50% max
Total Copper 63.00% min
Iron 100 ppm max
Acid Insoluble 200 ppm max
Pigment Widely used in copper Pthalocyanine blue
Chemicals As a catalyst of organic reactions
Cellulose Denitring agent
Petroleum Catalyst, Desulfurising agent and decolorizer
Shipping Information:
1 H.S.Tariff No: 282739
2 IMO classification – 8, Corrosive, Marine Pollutant
3 U.N.No. – 2802
4 Packing Group : III
Packing in 25/50 Kgs Or as required.