Zinc Stearate Specifications
Chemical Formula : (Zn(C18H35O2)2)
Molar Weight 632.35 g/mol
CAS No 557-05-1
Zinc Stearate repels water. Its appliance is in plastic and rubber industry where it is used as a releasing agent and lubricant which can be easily incorporated
Zinc Stearates manufactured by a novel process developed by our R & D department. The product is fusion of lightness and melts transparency.
Physico-Chemical Properties
Physical Appearance White Fine Powder
Ash Content(%): 12.5 To 13.5
Zinc Content (%): 10.5 to 12
Bulk Density(gm/CC): 0.20 To 0.30
Melting Point 120 ± 3 C
Melt Quality Clear And Transparent
Free Fatty Acid 1% Max
Moisture 1% Max
Mesh Pass 90% to 96% on 325 Mesh
Solubility Soluble In Hot Toluene And Xylene
Field Application
Mold Release Agent In Rubber And Plastic Industries, Lubricant In Cosmetics, Imparting Agent In Paint Industries For PVC, HDPE And Other Polymer Or Plastics, In Wood Finishing And Cement Paint.
Packing in 20 or 25 Kgs Bags As Per Customer Requirement